Installation Accessories

Abels’s range of goal post installtion accessories provide, safe,  OH&S compliant tools for your ground staff.

Goal Post Easy-Lifter

Abel Sports’ Easy-Lifter makes removing stubborn goal posts easier, simpler and safer than ever.

There’s nothing more annoying – and potentially dangerous – than trying to lift a goal post that’s stubbornly refusing to budge. Common problems such as air suction can make the task of goal post removal almost impossible. Abel’s Easy-Lifter is a simple yet powerful solution that puts an end to the sometimes back-breaking chore of goal post removal, providing an OH&S compliant process for your field staff.

Designed to suit goal posts from 80mm to 125mm in diameter, Abel’s Easy-Lifter is easy to use, and durable enough to last many seasons.

  • Australian Made
  • Heavy duty steel construction
  • Twin stainless steel locking clamps
  • Black rubberised finish
  • 5 year warranty.
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Able Goal Post Easy-Lifter

Goal Post Easy-Roller

Abel Sports’ Easy-Roller makes erecting and removing goal posts easier, simpler, and safer than ever. Perfect for the end of season changeover, or maintenance work on the ground during the year. Abel’s’ Easy-Roller helps to make the goal post removal process a breeze.

Abel’s Easy-Roller provides an OH&S compliant means of safely erecting and lowering Hinged Base-Plate goal posts. Complete with smooth action roller and spring steel safety strap, the Easy-Roller suits most hinged base plate goal posts.

As with all our goal post installation accessories, our EasyRoller system is covered by our 5 year warranty.

  • Australian Made
  • Heavy duty steel construction
  • 5 year warranty.
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Abel Goal Post Easy-Roller

Goal Post Ground Tubes

Abel Sports is a leading Australian supplier of premium quality goal post installation accessories, including ground tubes, for goal post and flag pole installation.

Abel Sports ground tubes are the perfect option for situations where you cannot install permanent goal posts, such as on a shared sports ground.

These days with space at a premium particularly in metropolitan areas, many ovals and sports grounds may feature rugby, AFL football, or another sport at different times of year. Thanks to Abel Sports’ ground tubes, resetting goal posts is easy especially when you use our Easy-Lifter and Easy-Roller to conduct post removal and replacement safely in accordance with your OH&S requirements.

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Goal Umpire Flags

Abel Sports provides white heavy duty cotton goal flags for umpires refereeing AFL games on both community and professional sports grounds across Australia.

As used by professional Goal Umpires at all levels of competition. White Umpire flags, sold as a pair (2 flags).

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