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Where do Australian businesses entertainment venues and local councils buy Banner Poles in Australia? Abel Flags!

At Abel, we know banner poles. We established our business manufacturing and installing them back in 1992, and we have since built a solid reputation on their quality and reliability.

Our Australian-made banner poles are used by a range of clients from businesses, local councils and property developers to sport and entertainment venues and more.

Our banner poles are proudly manufactured in Australia from high quality and environmentally friendly materials that are 100% recyclable. They also are covered by a 5 year structural guarantee.

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Banner Pole Styles

Elegance Banner Poles

Australia’s most sought after range of banner poles, Abel’s Elegance range features a sophisticated tapered design.

Available with both traditional ground tube footings or base plate footings, Abel can manufacture banner poles and footings to suit any location or installation specification.

Classic Banner Poles

Stylish, practical and affordable, Abel’s Classic banner pole range features an un-tapered design.

Available with traditional Ground Tube footings, the Classic banner poles range can be installed on a range of different surfaces with either a spigot or base plate installation.

Why buy Abel Banner Poles?

Abel’s range of quality banner poles will suit any application. Available in a range of heights from 6m–12m, and with a choice of footing designs, Abel banner poles can be installed anywhere from lawn and garden beds, to exisiting concrete.

Our premium quality banner poles are manufactured from high tensile aluminium. With a tough power-coated finish, our banner poles are low maintenance and will look terrific for years to come.

Available with external or vandal resistant internal halyards, all banner poles includes an aluminium lockable door for keeping your halyard safe from both the weather and mischievous passers-by.

All designs are computer analysed to ensure structural integrity for expected wind conditions and comply with all relevant Australian Standards.

Abel Flags manufactures and supplies flagpoles and banner poles for organisations and venues across Australia, including:

  • Melbourne Park Tennis Centre
  • Sporting fields, ovals, and stadiums
  • Local Shires and Councils throughout Australia
  • Property Developments
  • Shopping Centres
  • Schools and universities

Key Features

Quality Halyards
and Fittings on all Abel Flagpoles
Available with
Internal Halyard
Lockable Aluminium Security Doors
Secure Locking
Available on
Spigot Base Models


Abel’s Elegance range of Banner Poles are made from 6063T6 High-Tensile Aluminium and finished with a traditional Pearl White powder coated finish.

Elegance Range

Model No.Pole DesignPole HeightPole DiameterHalyard TypeFooting TypeSuits Banner Size
BPT2-6Tapered6.0m80mm ODInternalSpigot Base1200X2500mm
BPT1-6Tapered6.0m80mm ODInternalBase Plate1200X2500mm
BPT2-7.5Tapered7.5m80mm ODInternalSpigot Base1200X2500mm
BPT1-7.5Tapered7.5m80mm ODInternalBase Plate1200X2500mm
BPT2-8Tapered8.0m100mm ODInternalSpigot Base1800X3600mm
BPT1-8Tapered8.0m100mm ODInternalBase Plate1800X3600mm
BPT2-9Tapered9.0m100mm ODInternalSpigot Base1800X3600mm
BPT1-9Tapered9.0m100mm ODInternalBase Plate1800X3600mm
BPT2-10-125Tapered10.0m125mm ODInternalSpigot Base1800X3600mm
BPT1-10-125Tapered10.0m125mm ODInternalBase Plate1800X3600mm
BPT1-12Tapered12.0125mm ODInternalBase Plate1800X3600mm
Download Elegance Banner Pole Specification Sheet

Classic Range

Abel’s Classic range of Panner Poles are made from 6063T6 High-Tensile Aluminium and finished with a traditional Pearl White powder coated finish.

Model No.Pole DesignPole HeightPole DiameterHalyard TypeFooting TypeSuits Banner Size
PBUT2-6Un-Tapered6.0m80mm ODInternalSpigot Base1200X2500mm
PBUT1-6Un-Tapered6.0m80mm ODInternalBase Plate1200X2500mm
PBUT2-7.5Un-Tapered7.5m80mm ODInternalSpigot Base1200X2500mm
PBUT1-7.5Un-Tapered7.5m80mm ODInternalBase Plate1200X2500mm
Download Classic Banner Pole Specification Sheet

Banner Pole Footing Types

Abel banner poles are made to suit all types of installation. We manufacture both Base Plate and Ground Tube style footings to make installation and removal and storage a breeze. That’s why businesses, venues and councils buy Abel Flagpoles in Australia.

Base Plate Footings

Suitable for lawn or garden bed, as well as over exisiting concrete.

Assembly Guide – Base Plate Flagpoles
Spigot Base Footings

Suitable for lawn or garden bed installation only.

Assembly Guide – Ground Tube Flagpoles


All Abel banner poles are certified and approved to Australian Safety Standards.

Download Certificate of Compliance – Flagpoles
  • Structural Design Actions
  • Steel Structures
  • Aluminium Structures
  • Welding
  • Coating

All Abel sports goals and flagpoles are structurally guaranteed for
five years

Quality steel core inner profile and aluminium sleeve construction

Stainless steel locking on all fixed goals and posts and flagpoles

Built to withstand damage from misuse in any
open space environment

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Abel Sports also sells various pole accessories to help your banners fly high!

These add-ons and accessories include: Gold, Tasmanian oak, or steel bases/stands, banner brackets and pole mounts, DIY flagpole sets (no tools required for assembly), flags with anti-furling devices, angled wall brackets and more.

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All Abel sports goals and flagpoles are proudly made in Australia

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