Coaches Boxes and Shelters

Whether you’re a coach, staffing support, or benched player, you need a space that is safe, comfortable, and protects you from the elements. Our heavy-duty coaches boxes and sports team shelters ensure every member of the team has a place to rest, cheer on, or coach during the big game.

Abel Sports is a leading supplier of premium quality heavy-duty coaches boxes for all levels of clubs, divisions, leagues, and teams, including:

  • State and district divisions
  • Local clubs
  • Sports facilities
  • Local shires and councils
  • Schools
  • Universities
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Key Features

Heavy-Duty Vandal Resistant Frame Guaranteed for 5 Years
Available with
Perforated Steel or Polycarbonate Sides
Corrugated Colorbond Steel Roof on all Coaches Boxes and Shelters
Extra Tough Powder-Coated Finish
  • Lengths from 2.3 metres to 6 metres
  • Accommodates between 4 – 10 people
  • Clear Anodised Aluminium Benches
  • Custom Powder Coat colours available
  • Five Year Structural Warranty
  • 100% Australian Made


Perforated Steel Top Half Shelters

Item CodePersonsLengthHeightFrameSidesBackRoof
CB-SB4 Scorer's2.3m2.5mSteelPerforated SteelUnperforated SteelColorbond Steel
CB-663.0m2.5mSteelPerforated SteelUnperforated SteelColorbond Steel
CB-8*84.8m2.5mSteelPerforated SteelUnperforated SteelColorbond Steel
CB-10*106.0m2.5mSteelPerforated SteelUnperforated SteelColorbond Steel

Polycarbonate Top Half Shelters

Item CodePersonsLengthHeightFrameSidesBackRoof
CB-4 PC4 Scorer's2.3m2.5mSteelPolycarbonate Top HalfPolycarbonate Top HalfColorbond Steel
CB-6 PC63.0m2.5mSteelPolycarbonate Top HalfPolycarbonate Top HalfColorbond Steel
CB-8 PC*84.8m2.5mSteelPolycarbonate Top HalfPolycarbonate Top HalfColorbond Steel
CB-10 PC*106.0m2.5mSteelPolycarbonate Top HalfPolycarbonate Top HalfColorbond Steel

Curved Shelters

Item CodePersonsLengthHeightFrameSidesBack/Roof
CB442.3m2.5mSteelUnperfrorated SteelUnperfrorated Steel
CB10104.8m2.5mSteelUnperfrorated SteelUnperfrorated Steel
CB12126.0m2.5mSteelUnperfrorated SteelUnperfrorated Steel
*AFL Preferred Facility Guideline Compliant.
Models CB-8 & CB-8 PC are compliant with Preferred Facility Guidelines for Regional & Local League Facilities.


All Abel coached boxes and shelters are certified and approved to Australian Safety Standards.

Download Certificate of Compliance – Coaches Boxes

The Abel Guarantee

All Abel coaches boxes and are certified and approved to Australian Safety Standards. Every single Abel product is designed with the end user in mind. We engineer and manufacture our product to last in any open space environment. This means no ongoing maintenance, easy installation or removal and storage for multi-purpose sports fields.

  • Playing Field Equipment
  • Structural Design Actions
  • Steel Structures
  • Aluminium Structures
  • Welding
  • Coating

Structurally guaranteed for 5 years

Quality steel frame construction

Tough Powder Coated Finish

Built to withstand damage from misuse

All Abel coaches boxes and shelters are proudly made in Australia

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