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Where do stadiums, professional clubs and schools buy Rugby goals in Australia?

Abel Sports!

Abel Sports is a leading manufacturer and supplier of premium quality rugby goal posts for the State of Origin, as well as for:

  • State, district, and local divisions
  • Local councils
  • Schools
  • Universities

Abel Sports provides rugby goals in premier sports stadiums and arenas throughout Australia, including AAMI Park and Marvel Stadium.

Our football rugby goals have proudly featured at prominent Australian sporting events including the Bledisloe Cup and the State of Origin competition, as well as Rugby Union tournaments, matches, and Word Rugby events.

As such, our rugby posts comply with the requirements of both the Australian Rugby League Commission and World Rugby.

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Key Features

Semi-Permanent Ground Tube Installation available for Goals up to 10m high
Hinged Base Plate Footings available for Goals from 10m high and above
Slide Shift Footings Available to Play Both Rugby League & Union
Made from 6063T6
High-Tensile Aluminium with Pearl White
Powder Coated Finish

Rugby Goal Post Footing Types

Abel Rugby Goals are made to suit all types of installation. We manufacture both Hinged Base Plate and Ground Tube style footings to make installation and off-season removal and storage a breeze. That’s why stadiums clubs and schools buy Abel AFL goals in Australia.

Hinged Base Plates

Great for larger goals, we recommend Hinged Base Plate Rugby goals for any goal posts 10m or higher. Hinged Base Plates allow you to safely lower goals to ground level before removal, while meeting OHS requirement and avoiding the need for a crane to lift heavy goals out of the ground. Hinged Base Plate goals are great for council grounds and stadiums that remove posts at the end of each season and are the perfect solution for facilities that use onsite goal post storage.

Ground Tube Footings

Abel’s Ground Tube footings are great for smaller goals, as they still provide the flexibility to remove and store goals for multi-sport fields during the off-season. Sleeves are placed beneath ground level and permanently cemented in place, with the goal posts inserted inside the sleeves and locked into position. Goals can be lifted out of the sleeves at the end of the season and off-season caps are installed to protect the sleeves from filling with soil.


Model No.Goal Post
Pole Wall
Cross Bar
Footing Type
RGUT7500GTL7.5m80mm OD2.0mm5.5mmUntaperedGround Tube | Included
RGUT7500GTU7.5m80mm OD2.0mm5.6mmUntaperedGround Tube | Included
RG10000GTL10.0m100mm OD2.3mm5.5mmTaperedGround Tube | Included
RG10000GTU10.0m100mm OD2.3mm5.6mmTaperedGround Tube | Included
RG10000HBPL10.0m100mm OD2.3mm5.5mmTaperedHinged Base-Plate | Included
RG10000HBPU10.0m100mm OD2.3mm5.6mmTaperedHinged Base-Plate | Included
RG12000HBPL12.0m100mm OD2.3mm5.5mmTaperedHinged Base-Plate | Included
RG12000HBPU12.0m100mm OD2.3mm5.6mmTaperedHinged Base-Plate | Included
RG16000HBPL16.0m125mm OD3.0mm5.5mmTaperedHinged Base-Plate | Included
RG16000HBPU16.0m125mm OD3.0mm5.6mmTaperedHinged Base-Plate | Included
RG16000HBPSS16.0m125mm OD3.0mm5.5m & 5.6mmTaperedHinged Base-Plate with Side Shift | Included
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Assembly & Installation Guides

Hinged Base Plate Goal Installation
Ground Tube Footing Installation

Rugby Hinged Base Plate
Goal Assembly


Rugby Ground Tube
Goal Assembly


Professional Assembly and Installation Service Available Australia-Wide

Our professional team of installers are available to assist with any project, from assembly of portable goals to installation of permanent poles, call our customer service team for installation inquiries and quotes.

  • Professionally trained to install sporting equipment
  • Australia wide delivery and installation
  • Guaranteed quality of installation
  • Ongoing customer service


All Abel sports goals are certified and approved to Australian Safety Standards.

Abel Certificate of Compliance
Goal Posts


All Abel sports goals and flagpoles are proudly made in Australia

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